Wellness Hero Award (2018)

The Wellness Hero award was received in July 2018 from the University of Iowa Livewell program.

“Margalea Warner uses excellent techniques to not only survive, but thrive with the difficult hand life has dealt her. She practices daily Tai Chi, does her best to eat healthy foods, gets in 10,000 steps a day, and helps others through Compeer and sharing her positive attitude. Her writings, educational lectures, radio interviews and participation for the second time as presenter in My Brave are a few examples of her willingness to help others understand and overcome similar obstacles. She is consistent, hard-working, and an inspiration to many.”

Woman of Courage Award (2006)

The Woman of Courage, Woman of Conviction award was received in 2006 from United Way of Johnson County. It honored me for vulnerability in sharing my mental health journey and for my advocacy in the community for persons whose lives are affected by mental illness.

Emily Helms Award (2002)

The Emily Helms Award was received in 2002 from Goodwill Industries of Southeast Iowa. 

The Emily Helms award honors a person who has demonstrated courage, perseverance, industry, humor, imagination, or leadership in coping with or overcoming a significant physical, mental, emotional or developmental disability. It was established in memory of Emily Helms, the great-granddaughter of Edgar J. Helms, who founded the first Goodwill Industries in Boston in 1902.”