Bibliography of Prose, Poems and Presentations

  • Daily Devotionals Rejoice! magazine July 12-17, 2021
  • And again I Say…(a re-poem), Rejoice! magazine March/April/May 2021.
  • The Joy of Gratitude, Anabaptist World magazine December 2020
  • The Blues Aren’t Blue:  An Un-Suicide note, Hospice Writing Contest entry 2019
  • On Being the Helen Keller of SchizophreniaThis is My Brave show, September 2018 [View]
  • Wisdom in Creation, Call to Worship for First Mennonite Church 2018
  • Memories of Millie, Witty Kitties newsletter 2018
  • Giving Thanks While Living with Loss, Purpose magazine 2017.
  • Compeer:  Fighting Isolation caused by Mental Illness, Compeer newsletter 2017.
  • Abiding in a City Hospital on a Holy Night, poem for First Mennonite Christmas Eve, 2017
  • Remembering Silence on All Saints Day, Daughters of Sarah, Anabaptist Feminist magazine, circa 1990s (I no longer have hard copy).  Poem also featured on Church of the Saviour Inward Outward blog circa 2016.
  • Awakening to the Goodness of God’s Home, poem for First Mennonite Christmas Eve 2016.
  • Talk to University of Iowa Medical Students who are on their Psychiatric Clerkship, quarterly since 2014.
  • Millie and Me, self-published chapbook of stories and poems, May 2013
  • Holy Play with Dolls, Purpose 2013
  • Joy is Hidden, Joy is Found, poem for First Mennonite Christmas Eve service, 2012
  • Finding the Flower in the Buried Bulb, Purpose magazine 2012.
  • Breathing Gratitude – poem for First Mennonite Christmas Eve Service 2010.
  • How down to earth are you Jesus? poem for Christmas Eve service at First Mennonite 2008.
  • Writing through Loss – essays written in a Hospice writing class after my father’s passing in 2008.
  • Weight Watchers and the Woman at the Well, Faith at Work magazine 1998.

Other Works and Outreach

  • Surprising Mothers, submitted to Animal Shelter writing contest entry, not yet judged.
  • Dear Friend, an open letter to persons struggling with urges to take their lives for use by Psychiatric Unit Chaplain Libby Conley.
  • Talk to Law Enforcement on How to Intervene Effectively in a Mental Health Crisis (annually)