And Again I Say… (a re-poem)

The poem below, by Margalea Warner, appeared in the Spring 2021 issue of Rejoice!, a Mennonite publication.

God the re-Maker said:
I re-cycled you
from dust to life and breath!
You must re-vise your life!
Re-linquish all that is not re-vitalizing.
Don’t re-accumulate stuff
Re-new your energy, re-fresh your spirit
Re-pair what is broken
Re-store what has grown dull
Re-unite with Me.
Re-ceive my love
Re-joice and be re-born
Let music and laughter re-sound
And re-plenish the earth.

Re-joice in the Lord always
And again I say re-joice!

The devotional cover and the printed version of the poem are shown below.

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