In the Homestretch of Retirement

A snapshot I took of my cat stretched out across my appointment calendar captured what I thought retired life might be like: disregard my agenda and curl up in the rocking chair with my cat in my lap, reading novels and nodding off. I quickly learned that meaningful retirement isn’t like that! It must includeContinue reading “In the Homestretch of Retirement”

Comfort in a Storm — My friend, the honey locust tree, saved my life

This is an essay I wrote that was published by Angles on Earth for their Sep/Oct 2021 Magazine. I’ve included the issue cover and article artwork as well. Please scroll down to read the essay. How many times had I stood in just this spot, waiting for the bus? And yet in all that timeContinue reading “Comfort in a Storm — My friend, the honey locust tree, saved my life”

And Again I Say… (a re-poem)

The poem below, by Margalea Warner, appeared in the Spring 2021 issue of Rejoice!, a Mennonite publication. God the re-Maker said:I re-cycled youfrom dust to life and breath!You must re-vise your life!Re-linquish all that is not re-vitalizing.Don’t re-accumulate stuffRe-new your energy, re-fresh your spiritRe-pair what is brokenRe-store what has grown dullRe-unite with Me.Re-ceive my loveRe-joice andContinue reading “And Again I Say… (a re-poem)”