27 Keys Article Featured by Pete Earley

I was grateful to be contacted by Pete Earley who wanted to feature my key things writing on his blog today. [View Post]

For those who don’t know Pete, here is an excerpt from his about page:

After a 14-year career in journalism, including six years at The Washington Post, Pete became a full-time author with a commitment to expose the stories that entertain and surprise. He later began writing novels for fun. … He currently serves as the parent member of the Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Committee (ISMICC) created by Congress to advise it on federal mental health policy. He was invited by President Obama to speak at a White House summit about his son’s illness and recovery. A former Washington Post reporter, Earley has appeared five times before the U.S. Congress to testify about the need for mental health reform, has spoken in 49 states and addressed legislators in four foreign countries. He serves on the board of the Corporation for Supportive Housing, which finances projects to eliminate homelessness. He writes regularly for USA TODAY and the Washington Post about mental health issues and also posts a weekly blog at http://www.peteearley.com that often is cited by the media. [More…]

Further Reading

Here are some links for more information about Pete’s Earley.

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