Miracle in a thrift shop

The writing “Miracle in a thrift shop” is about a wonderful Iowa City thrift shop that is “one of more than 85 Mennonite Central Committee thrift stores in North America. The Crowded Closet has donated about $8.5 million to MCC since 1978” The story begins: “On the eighth day, God created a thrift shop. GodContinue reading “Miracle in a thrift shop”

27 Keys Article Featured by Pete Earley

I was grateful to be contacted by Pete Earley who wanted to feature my key things writing on his blog today. [View Post] For those who don’t know Pete, here is an excerpt from his about page: After a 14-year career in journalism, including six years at The Washington Post, Pete became a full-time authorContinue reading “27 Keys Article Featured by Pete Earley”

I found 27 keys to better mental health — You can find yours.

NOTE: This article was published by the Dallas Morning News on 11 Sep 2022 [VIEW] By Margalea Warner1:45 PM on Sep 9, 2022 The heaviness of my sigh matched the weight of the steel door that locked behind me with a loud clunk. I hadn’t committed a crime and I wasn’t in jail. I wasContinue reading “I found 27 keys to better mental health — You can find yours.”