Miracle in a thrift shop

The writing “Miracle in a thrift shop” is about a wonderful Iowa City thrift shop that is “one of more than 85 Mennonite Central Committee thrift stores in North America. The Crowded Closet has donated about $8.5 million to MCC since 1978”

The story begins: “On the eighth day, God created a thrift shop. God called it the Crowded Closet, because it would help the rich empty their closets and make space in their hearts for love. And God saw that it was good.”

Read the full article on the Anabaptist World website. [Read More]

Learn More

You can learn more about Crowded Closet by following these links:

The “Miracle in a thrift shop” article was originally posted to the Anabaptist World website on 16 Dec 2022. This post about the article was published to this website on 13 Jan 2023. However, this post is dated 16 Dec 2022 to coincide with the digital publish date.

The featured photo used here is from the Crowded Closet listing on Google.

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